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Backpack for Laptops

By now every move we make we always carry with us some basic things, such as your wallet with an ID card, mobile phone and laptop.

If the first two are easy to carry in your pocket your own computer will not enter, even wanting. And that's why we need an alternative solution to bring safely with us our laptop.
There are several solutions, such as bags or backpacks classics, but are either awkward to carry, see the bags that must always be kept in hand with a weight hardly less than 2kg of computers and accessories and above all insecure and uncomfortable. Even the classic backpacks are not suitable for computers because they do not have a protective reinforcement to prevent shock damage the contents.
When we go to pick one PC carrying backpack we have to consider many factors. In addition to the design and the aesthetic aspect, they are always one of the key factors in their purchasing decision, we must consider the space you make available and the price. But above all the strength of the product and the protection it offers.
In fact we have not put in a plastic bottle or at most the day after the sandwich, but we must identify a computer, which can be resistant when it is always a fragile and expensive item to be preserved as much as possible.

AmazonBasics - Laptop Backpack (17 '')

If you have a 17-inch laptop this backpack is ideal for you. Costs just over 30, 45 if we are even lining for the laptop together.
The multi-pocket design with the side mesh pockets for inserting bottles of water. Organizational compartments allow you to insert pens, keys and even the phone.
The shoulder straps are padded for optimum comfort.
Inner dimensions: 30 x 11 x 44 cm
Model: NC1306167R1
Surely as the price AmazonBasic laptop backpack it is one of the most competitive. The many pockets make it very useful not only to bring their own computers but also small and simple travel and to enter all those gadgets that we can not give up.
The handset will be firmly when walking, thanks to the design meant to keep the laptop in his posizizione, avoiding unnecessary stress.
A little extra pocket that allows you to also enter a full tablet backpack.

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Tucano Lato Backpack for MacBook Pro and notebooks up to 17 ", Black

With a price around 40 the toucan backpack, famous brand for quality, allows you to bring the notebook up to 17 inches safely and without fatigue.
The urban look makes it suitable for every need, either at work or for a trip. Bring documents, accessories and even the notebook is not a problem thanks to the double compartment and the inside pocket it will also bring the ipad or tablet.
In the pockets there are mp3 players, iPods and eventually smartphones. These pockets are made even more useful thanks to the release of the earphones.
The padded compartment allows you to bring your notebook without fear of bumps that the backpack commonly affected, thus allowing full safe transportation.
In addition to the water bottle there is also space for a small umbrella in the side pockets.

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Fubevod Business Backpack Waterproof Coffee

The cost is higher than the other two, with approximately 45 of expense. But the product is extremely design thanks to its soft lines.
'A backpack to bring definitely work with laptops up to 15.6 inches. Size: 48 * 32 * 18 CM
Material: 210D waterproof, sturdy nylon, easy to clean, so for people who traveled in bicycle.
The biggest difference is the presence of a burglar alarm, allowing you to hide the pocket is designed for notebook, turning suspenders. The double hinge makes your computer safe and protected from thieves.
In addition to the computer's pocket we find 2 front and 2 side pockets. The padded back not only protection, but is also ergonomic and easy to carry. It's definitely worth dealing with this purchase.

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Bresser backpack with solar panel and built-in battery

backpack with solar panel for laptops.
With its integrated solar panel 1.5Watt, compact and with a 1800mAh battery and 2200 Mah direct charging is the ideal solution for frequent travelers automatically and moves outdoors. This characteristic allows you to charge our electronic gadgets as we move or keep alive the phone while traveling.
Obviously the connection is USB and mini USB type A output. With the built-in battery is definitely a problem charging your devices at a later time.
A small LED will make us understand the operation status.
The price, for the presence of the solar panel and the power bank is about 70 , the dimensions are 43 x 36.8 x 9 cm

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Men's & Vintage Canvas Bag students multifunction travel bag leisure bag Back of women canvas bag Messenger Bag Backpack Laptop Bag Satchel

A different style for this bag, most suitable to tablets to PCs, nonostate there is a laptop 15, 6 inches. The material and design are high quality, cotton and sturdy canvas.
The multi-functional interior offers plenty of room to hold a lot of things for school and daily necessities such as iPad, calculator, pens and pencils, books, cell phone, cards, MP3 player, etc.

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RivaCase 7560 Laptop Backpack 15.6 "

A backpack in very economical Urban Style, it only costs around 30. Waterproof up quality product, very light with only 435g. The side pad offers strong protection against accidental damage. The belt allows you to take the laptop backpack in a safe and functional. Besides the obvious compartment 15.6 inch pc there is a pocket for tablets and other gadgets. GLi soft shoulder straps with bands allow long distances without feeling the weight or fatigue. Complete all the 2 side pockets for water bottles or to the umbrella, obviously small.

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Backpack laptops door

During our choice we must also consider the conditions in which we will travel, if we travel by train, by car or by bike, in crowded places or not.
If the place is crowded we should also consider the security issue, in fact it is easy to open a backpack and remove the contents, but if we go by bike we will have to consider the possibility of falling and crashing your computer and notebook carrying backpack. A laptop backpack is the perfect solution as it comes with several specially crafted pockets to hold the various accessories of our computer safely. In fact, they are elasticated to avoid jerks and shocks that occur in normal backpacks, thus preserving the best place inside the computer. Last point in favor of these backpacks is the robustness, in fact are padded and prevent shocks can damage the contents. Considering the cost is definitely better to spend some more money for the laptop backpack instead of replacing the computer and above all its internal content.
The spatial organization of these computers is definitely a factor not to leave aside. If regular backpacks have only two pockets, the main one and the one before, these specially designed backpacks allow you to insert the mouse, the charger and any accessories safely in the smallest possible space. From notepad to pens to the headphones to the dvd up to USB keys, everything can be added to this computer.

During the purchase process we must consider:

One laptop backpack can be made of different materials, from simple to very refined fabric skin, obviously the costs change, and also the characteristics.

When you're working and you're always moving the best solution for hands-free operation is to use a notebook carrying backpack, then you can certainly use the smartphone since you have your hands free, or if you go to work by bike will be very convenient have a backpack on his shoulders instead of a hard bag to carry.
From casual style to the school, up to the professional one, the laptop backpack solutions are many, from backpacks with wheels type suitcase, a padded ones with many pockets to the more minimal.

We also have to think of an "extra" to use to bring the computer, how to exit a day. If you must leave for one day a backpack containing 17 liters allow you to take the bare minimum as a snack or a pair of shoes.
If in addition to the PC you must also take the food then a backpack of 20 to 24 liters of volume is the ideal solution for you, so you will stand even some sandwiches and a bit 'of water, possibly even if it's raining an umbrella than smaller ones. < br> If you need more you have to go on the purchase of a laptop backpack of 30 liters or more, which in addition to the PC will allow you to bring the sports objects or other equipment that you need, so in addition to the work you could also go to the gym do some 'of muscles.

When choosing a backpack is also necessary to evaluate the features such as front and side pockets, suitable to put all the items you might normally carry around, of course, is very helpful to have a removable pocket and adjustable shoulder straps, so you can arrange them according to your needs. The foam shoulder straps can be very comfortable and limit sweating on the back, thanks to the air circulation they create. This type of solution is ideal for those who need the laptop backpack while cycling, or if you need to make long journeys to the sun.

Laptop Backpack with photovoltaic panels

There's always a problem with the electronic gadget is the battery life. Fortunately there are many opportunities in media, such as power bank or even better backpack with which we go to work. In fact there are backpacks with solar panels, who will charge your gadgets and your PC thanks to the sunlight.
The fictional town associating the photovoltaic panels in those huge things that are above the roofs of houses, long ago, this is no longer true. In fact, companies such as Solar City Tesla invented the solar panels that are camouflaged between the roof tiles, while other companies have opted to create smaller solar panels and less rigid, in order to also use them in backpacks.
This allows you to charge your computer or simply the smartphone in the house while you commute by bike or during the walk to the office.
Obviously, the charging will not be complete but postpones the end of battery life. Many times those few minutes more it would have been enough. Usually this type of backpacks pc holder with solar panels also includes a battery which will then be connected to the own device. Then the accumulated energy will not be wasted and can be used at any time.

A solution with a very similar result but different is the possibility offered by some backpacks PC port that allow you to connect the power bank inside the backpack to the smartphone, via a cable that passes through the backpack.
The most obvious advantage is definitely the practicality of the solution, as it is not necessary to put the power bank in your pocket or leave it slightly open the backpack with all the risks that can be run. Surely this solution is decidedly more economic and less expensive, but is also less efficient than that of the solar panels, as it is always necessary to recharge the power bank and take it back.
Of all the forms and all the colors, these are the backpacks. This object has been around for years, is now a common object, is used to go to school, where we bring you the books and notebooks, also becomes a useful object is to travel several days for a short period, it is possible to put not only clothes but also the food.

for PC Backpacks

We are almost never separated from this object, since it was small until you are older. The days of this handy object now can use for anything more, it is the PC carrying backpack, which is there to carry the laptop around. If you do not want to hear too much weight and you want to be free to move you can use with confidence the PC carrying backpack, ideal for both the job interview for a simple trip.
If you are careful to design need not worry, the fantasies and the certain colors out there, both for men and women, the choice is wide for all.

Style and elegance are almost always required, but as you can keep them while you must take your computer below? Easy, with one of the PC-carriers, which are matched to your dress, comfortable, professional and ready in all their design to be used.
The classic laptop bags lead to poor weight calibration, backpacks instead balance the weight and make it so that it is not complicated and difficult to transport their computers throughout the length and breadth of the city.

Have you ever thought "how do I get the pc around? It would suffer "I could use a backpack, but my style. Fortunately, you no longer have to give up one of two things, with new backpacks pc connecting the ease of transport with safety and style. The old school backpacks have become a mirage and no longer pose a problem. Thanks to enorma wide range of choices and the thousand colors and materials available to find a notebook carrying backpack for every need no longer be a problem. Color, single color, with the skin or with jeans for every style there is a backpack for your needs to bring with you your laptop and your style.